AXIOMTEK ICO-100 Компактный промышленный компьютер (контроллер) c пассивным охлаждением на базе AMD Geode LX800


Embedded Field Controller with AMD LX800 onboard ICO-100

Компьютер снят с производства

AXIOMTEK ICO-100 Компактный промышленный компьютер (контроллер) c пассивным охлаждением на базе AMD Geode LX800

 Fanless cooling system: AMD LX800 onboard
 Supports remote management tools (R@Tools)- monitoring, alarm, diagnosis, security.
 Ultra slim and compact design
 Stacking design: easy-to-extend PC/104 & 2.5” HDD
 Supports Compactflash™ card & HDD (anti-vibration up to 1.3G)
 Over-current protection: built-in fuse
 Supports WLAN antenna (IEEE 802.1b/802.11g)

AXIOMTEK ICO-100 Компактный промышленный компьютер (контроллер) c пассивным охлаждением на базе AMD Geode LX800

Remote Location Remote Location
The ICO-100 is a compact field controller designed for remote management application. Equipped with AMD LX800 processor, the ICO-100 features high
reliability and expansion capability. Besides, the ICO-100 offers the remote management tools of “Remote Monitoring”, “Remote Alarm”, “Remote diagnosis”
and ”Security”, to enable easy and efficient management for remote environment anytime, anywhere over a wired/wireless network. Moreover, the ICO-100
also supports stacking design for capacity expansion through PC-104 slot and 2.5" HDD easily. The ICO-100 is ideally suited for use in applications like unmanned
room, transportation, industrial machine and more.

Expandable - PC/104 & 2.5” HDD
The stacking design provides two expandable layers for users to install two PC/104 modules or 2.5” HDD. Moreover, the ICO-100 has an anti-vibration design up
to 1.3G to protect HDD from damage caused by heavy-vibration environment.
Remote Management Tools (R@Tools)- Monitoring, Alarm, Diagnosis, Security
The ICO-100 reduces user’s cost and time of maintenance by offering excellent remote management tools via Internet.

The operators can immediately reach the system status such as CPU
temperature/voltage via the web browser.

Remote Alarm
When the event occurs, the ICO-100 sends alarm to remind operators by email
or pager automatically. In addition, the message content can be
tailored according to users’ preference.

Remote Diagnosis
The operator located at central room can take over ICO-100 immediately
and make debug process once error occurs.

The ICO-100 provides access security by requiring authorized log-in
password and IP address.
Standard Color Black
Construction Aluminum & heavy-duty steel

CPU AMD LX800 500 MHz processor onboard
System Board EP621
System Memory 1 x 200-pin DDR SODIMM max. up to 1GB
BIOS Phoenix-Award 4Mbit with RPL/PXE LAN Boot ROM
SmartView and customer CMOS Backup

Storage 1 x CompactFlash™

System I/O Outlet
1 x RS-232 (COM 1)
1 x RS-232/422/485 (COM 2)
1 x VGA
1 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet
2 x USB 2.0
1 x Audio (Line-out)
1 x wireless LAN slot
1 x VDC power input connector

Watchdog Timer 600 levels
Expansion Slot 1 x MiniPCI slot

System Indicator
1 x green LED for system power-on
1 x orange LED for HDD active

Power Supply 24VDC w/ fuse, over-current protection

Dimensions 191mm (7.51”) (W) x 148mm (5.83") (D)x 46 mm (1.81") (H)
Weight 1.79kg (3.95 lb)
Environmental Operation temperature: 0°~ +45°C (32°~113°F)
Relative humidity: 10%~95% @ 40°C; non-condensing
Operation vibration: 1.3G, 5~500Hz, random for 2.5" HDD 2G, 5~500Hz, random for CompactFlash™

Certification CE

Stacking design
Din-rail mounting

Optional OS Installation
Windows® XP Embedded
Windows® CE.NET
Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP

ICO-100 Embedded field controller with AMD LX800 CPU onboard
ICO-100-PC104 Expansion kit for two PC/104 slots
ICO-100-HDD Expansion kit for 2.5” HDD with anti-vibration design
50966A23020E Adopter 24VDC 72W